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April 29, 2016 MEDIA ADVISORY CAMIMH  Canada’s Largest Mental Health Alliance to hold its annual Gala and Awards Ceremony in Ottawa.
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We are pleased to announce a special Yuk Yuks Comedy Night in partnership of a novel program for treatment of PTSD in Military and First Responders.

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April 14, 2016
Mood Disorders Society of Canada is once again proud to be a marketing partner for the Conference Board of Canada's Better Workplace Confernce

Feb 16, 2016: MDSC and MHCC present a joint National Suicide Prevention and PTSD Treatment Plan.  Details of Pre-Budget Submission

Feb 16, 2016:Mental Health Opportunity for Canada, Canada selected to host “APEC Digital Hub for Best and Innovative Practices in Mental Health Partnerships” Details of Pre-Budget Submission

Feb 9, 2016: The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently launched a new letter writing campaign on; www.Demandaplan.caDuring the last election, campaign supporters sent more than 40,000 letters to candidates across the country. Thank you partners for your support! The more we unite and voice concern, the likelier political leaders are to take action.

Feb 3, 2016: The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) is pleased to announce that the group’s 2015 advocacy campaign has been recognized among the best in the world by New York based PR News Magazine. Details

Feb 1, 2016: MDSC is very proud to announce that the Students’ Association of Keyano College @KeyanoSA, Facebook has partnered with MDSC on our internationally recognized Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign: Details

Jan 22, 2016: Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund is now receiving applications.

Bell today announced the launch of the $1-million annual Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund for 2016. Applications are now being accepted for grants for community-based mental health initiatives improving access to care around the country. More Info


De-Stigmatizing Practices and Mental Illness: Nurses Working Together to Support Mental Health and Well-Being

De-Stigmatizing Practices and Mental Illness: Nurses Working Together to Support Mental Health and Well-Being

More Information

The following documents and links, developed by MDSC partners and fellow organizations, will add to your library of information.

52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally. Indigo River Publishing, 2013.

A book by Canadian author and registered psychological associate Nicole McCance offers 52 ways to beat depression naturally. The content draws from Eastern and Western philosophies and explores relaxation techniques, nutritional and exercise strategies, sleep therapy and other means for addressing depression. The tips are meant to be concise, easy to understand, and accessible for readers. Nicole has great confidence in the proven benefits of each of the techniques. “Just try one, and you will feel the difference,” she says. Having spent more than a decade specializing in the treatment of depression, Nicole has empathy for readers who are suffering. “You can be happy,” she says. “It starts with just one step in the right direction.” Website | Trailer Video

Seasonal Affective Disorder.
"Out like a light: SAD and the winter blues". To raise awareness of SAD, First Choice Holidays brought together statistics from sources such as SADA,, Bupa and the Mood Disorders Society of Canada to create the infographic: Out Like a Light.It contains a collection of facts that can help you recognise and treat SAD. Website | Infographic

Child & Youth Mental Health Toolkit
Provides the epidemiology, symptoms and identification of some common mental health conditions as well as examples of some recommended treatments. Link to Shared-Care  Website

Canadian Medical Association website
Where Canadians can go online to share their views on health care. | News Release

Tree of Life Interactive Web Tool
An interactive web tool that can be used by individuals and groups to facilitate discussion and identification of community needs was created in cooperation with The Honouring Life Network (HLN), a project of the National Aboriginal Health Organization, and is offered in English, French and Inuktitut audio.  Read more... Link to tool

Mood Memos Depression Prevention Study
Mood memos is a University of Melbourne study exploring a method of preventing depression through the internet. The study is targeted to people experiencing some depression symptoms who are not yet too severe, with the aim of averting depression or relapse. The Mood Memos study will trial the effectiveness of an email-based mental health promotion for depression symptoms. Emails are delivered every few days for 6 weeks, bringing expert coping advice and information about depression directly to email inboxes. Read more...  or visit

Is Gambling a Problem for Young Canadians? July 2010
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, along with six provincial organizations (including the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre), have released the Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory—the first survey designed specifically to help assess the prevalence and risks associated with teenage gambling.The questions found in the Inventory will help researchers and governments identify risky and problematic gambling behaviours in teens aged 13–17.
Read more... Newsrelease (EN // FR); Backgrounder (EN // FR); Survey Instrument; Phase 3 Report.

A Self Help Guide for Coping with Depression
The Antidepressant Skills Workbook gives an overview of depression, explains how it can be effectively managed according to the best available research, and gives a step-by-step guide to changing patterns that trigger depression. Read more… Link

BC Mood Disorder Tool Kit and Resources
The BC Here to Help website provides rich resources on many aspects of understanding, treating and living successfully with mental illness and addictions.  Read more...  Toolkits  // Factsheets // Brochures // Journals

Check Up from the Neck Up
One in five people will experience a mood disorder in their lifetime, and less than one half will seek treatment. Take care of your mental health. Get your checkup today!  Link

Disability Health Credit
The disability tax credit (DTC) provides tax relief to individuals who, due to the effects of a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment, are markedly restricted in their ability to perform a basic activity of daily living as certified by a qualified medical practitioner, or would be markedly restricted were it not for extensive therapy to sustain a vital function. Individuals are markedly restricted if, even with therapy or the use of appropriate devices and medication, they are blind or unable to perform a basic activity of daily living, or if they require an inordinate amount of time to perform the activity, all or substantially all of the time.  Read more… (PDF English

Fearless Learning

Fearless Learning: Respect Yourself, Respect Others
Fearless Learning is a recommended affiliate of Mood Disorders Society of Canada.  It is a non-profit education organization that provides workshops and interactive performances for students of all ages, plus professional development opportunities for educators.  Stop the Bullying is an especially successful program although Fearless Learning has many other products.  All workshops are presented using humor and gentle encouragement in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  Fearless Learning is especially devoted to helping - through communication, teamwork, job skills, life skills, nutrition and fitness - children and youth with invisible disabilities – mental health problems that can interfere with learning and lead to behavioural problems.  Read more….  Link

Healing Tips
There is no quick fix or magic bullet that brings healing and wholeness when confronting the challenge of living with a mood disorder. Each of us is unique, bringing our own personal history, set of needs, values and vision, challenges and resources. Each person's road to healing will be as unique as they are!  Read more… (PDF English)

The Living Room – Peer Support for Christians
The Living Room, a name chosen because it communicates comfort and safety, is a support group especially for people of faith who have a mental illness. There are presently six chapters in British Columbia, one in Ontario and one in Saskatchewan.  Read more...

MDSC’s Recommended Reading List
An important first step in gaining control of your illness, or in understanding and supporting a loved one, is to learn all you can about mood disorders and their treatment. Being informed about mood disorders allows you to be an active participant in your treatment and make informed decisions regarding your care in partnership with your health care provider. Read more…  (PDF English)

Reader Recommended Reading List
The following books have been suggested by visitors to the MDSC website which they have found valuable in managing their mood disorder. We extend a special thanks to Reg T. for his support in developing this list.  Read more…  (PDF English) 

The Expert Guidelines Consensus Series
The following reports reflect the expert opinions of leaders in researching and treating mental illness:


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