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This Web-Based Continuing Medical Education (CME) program entitled “Combating Stigma for Physicians and other Health Professionals”. This interactive online course intends to educate family physicians and specialists in the recognition of stigma related to mental illness.  The course is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to recognize attitudes and behaviours that could potentially lead to stigma as well as provide an example of a practical clinical approach to helping doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients. Course Information

Sept 19: Mental Health Fair in Hardisty aimed to open eyes and end stigma around depression and suicide (Link)

July 8: The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) has announced the five Canadians selected for the 12th annual Faces of Mental Illness campaign (PDF)

May 8: Canada-Wide Defeat Depression Campaign Encourages Members of Parliament to Get Involved (PDF)

Apr 16: Ipsos Canada partners with MDSC to feature Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign and Work With Us on national Wellness Boards. (PDF)


E-News Update


April 2014


- Anti-Stigma
- Defeat Depression Campaign
- Work With Us
- A National Anit-Stigma Training Program for Nurses and other Health Care Professionals
- Canadian Lawyers Mental Health Program
- Workplace Mental Health Guide
- Patnerships
- Our Social Media Network
- Discussion Forum

Oct 2013


- Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign goes International!
- Defeat Depression Mental Health Events Happen in October!
- Indivduals wanted!
- Defeat Depression Campaign Theme Song
- MDSC Joins forces with the Arthritis Society
- Workplace Mental Health
- MDSC voted 2013 Lead Charity bu Gamma-Dynacare
- Bell Let's Talk Clara's Big Ride
- MDSC congratulates Movember
- MDSC supports Touched by Fire
- MDSC Partners
- Our Social Media Network

May 2013


- MDSC Presents National Award to COPE at McMaster University
- 2nd Annual Pan-Canadian Defeat Depression Mental Health Campaign
- Defeat Depression Campaign Song
- MDSC Voted 2013 Lead Charity by Gamma-Dynacare and gives $25,000 donation
- Canadian Depression Research and Intervention Network
- MDSC Organization Strategy Session
- CAMIMH Champions Awards
- Elephant in the Room Campaign
- Mount Allison University Receives Award for Launching Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign
- MDSC Partners with CNA and MHCC
- MDSC Joins Forces with the Arthritis Society
- What BETTER Feels LIke
- Discussion Forum - Peer Support is Here to Help 
- Our Social Media Network

Dec 2012


- Defeat Depression Mental Health Campaign
- Canadian Depression Research and Intervention Network
- PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
- Provincial Matters
- Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health
- Workplace Mental Health
- Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign
- The Criminal Code and "Not Criminally Responsible"
- What BETTER Feels Like
- Discussion Forum-Peer Support is Here to Help

Sept 2012

- About Mood Disorders Society of Canada
- Defeat Depression Event a Huge Success!
- Stop the Stigma: Mental Health Webcast Series
- Canadians Living with Depression - New Network
- MDSC Leads Development of New PTSD Program
- Mental Illness Resources
- MDSC Research and Reports
- New National Mental Health Achievement Recognition Award
- What BETTER Feels Like
- Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Program Campaign
- Mental Illness Awareness Week
- Discussion Forum/Peer Support Here to Offer Help
- Social Media
- Supporting Mood Disorders Society of Canada

March 2012

- Defeat Depression Pan-Canaadian Awareness & Fundraising Event
- PTSD Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Report to Cnd Gov't
- What BETTER Feels Like
- COPE @ McMaster'
- Mental Illness Resources
- MDSC Forum
- Upcoming Conferences and Events
- MDSC Social Media
November 2011
- Mental Health Survey Report
- PTSD Event & Report
- Defeat Depression Events & Website
- Anti-Stigma Program
- Elephant in the Room Campaign
- Mental Illness Resource Distribution
- Social Media & Media Forum Outreach
- What BETTER Feels Like Project
- Collaborations & In the News
- Holiday Giving
August 2011

- Pan-Canadian Survey
- MDSC/CMA Web-Based Anti-Stigma Program
- Finance Pre-Budget Submission
- Mental Health in Universities
- Improving Re-Integration Supports
- Fundraising & Awareness Events
- Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program
- Workplace Mental Health
- Mental Illness Awareness Week
- Provincial Changes
May 2011

- Ride Above Depression
- Free Your Spirit Piano Concert
- MDSC & CMA CME Web-Based Course
- MDSC Partners with Correctional Services Canada
- MDSC joins Neurological Health Charities Canada
- MDSC Presents at Conferences
- MDSC Improves Access to Website
March 2011

- MDSC-CMA Anti-Stigma Project
- Building Bridges
- Mental Health in the Workplace
- Resource and Support Dissemination
- Discussion Forum
- Research
- Stigma & Discrimination Reduction Activities

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