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This Web-Based Continuing Medical Education (CME) program entitled “Combating Stigma for Physicians and other Health Professionals”. This interactive online course intends to educate family physicians and specialists in the recognition of stigma related to mental illness.  The course is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to recognize attitudes and behaviours that could potentially lead to stigma as well as provide an example of a practical clinical approach to helping doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients. Course Information

Sept 19: Mental Health Fair in Hardisty aimed to open eyes and end stigma around depression and suicide (Link)

July 8: The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) has announced the five Canadians selected for the 12th annual Faces of Mental Illness campaign (PDF)

May 8: Canada-Wide Defeat Depression Campaign Encourages Members of Parliament to Get Involved (PDF)

Apr 16: Ipsos Canada partners with MDSC to feature Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign and Work With Us on national Wellness Boards. (PDF)



Stigma Resources (from Stigma Workshop October 2-4, 2006)

Poverty and Exclusion: Normative Approaches to Policy Research, November 2004 (PDF English)

Scientific and Cultural Consultation, April 15, 2004 (PDF English)

Role of Consumer Driven Disability Organizations in the Non-profit Sector, 2004 (PDF English)

Work and Mental Illness 2004: Developing a Research Agenda (PDF English)

Report on the Workshop on Suicide-related Research in Canada, February 7-8, 2003 (PDF English // French)

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